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Glowing, Beautiful Skin...Naturally!
Be the first to try our NEW graceful aging skin care product line - Revive!
Get this sample kit on us!          
Limited time & limited quantities!  
*Revive sample kit is free + shipping & handling charge of $4.99
Give your dry, parched skin a drink of natural hydration in 3 easy steps!   
Your Revive sample kit includes:
- Revive Facial Serum
- Revive Face Crème
- Rose Revive Toner

Only natural & organic ingredients are used. The new Revive collection is made with high performance botanicals, natural preservatives and pure essential oils. There's nothing fake in our products. Just the mojo from real plants and their amazing healing properties.  

Your skin will notice a difference in how good it feels, usually within a day!
Revive Graceful Aging Kit
Why Choose Made With Love Natural Skin Care
Chemical Free

Ditch the chemicals.  Only natural ingredients created by Mother Nature are used.
100% Handcrafted

Our own recipes.  Small batches handcrafted to ensure freshness.  It's like getting fresh food for your face.  All products are made at our production studio in Gardiner, NY.  
Glowing, radiant skin, naturally
Your skin will be nourished like
never before!  High-performance botanicals, herbal oils, and pure essential oils make it real for your skin! 
Lessen fine lines & wrinkles
Yes!  Erase those lines.  The combination of ingredients tone & tighten your skin and work at erasing fine lines and wrinkles.
People are going to notice
It's so true!  Stacey started using the kit.  On day 4 she ran into a friend who works at the Miss USA organization.  He hadn't seen her in years.  He gave her a hug.  Then held her face in his hands and told her he had never seen her skin look SO good!  
An all natural line that really works
I'm an herbalist + researcher.  Only high-performance, natural ingredients are used in Revive.  No alcohols.  No cheap, low-grade oils.  No parabens.  No gluten.  No harmful chemicals.  Ever!
Tenille Williams
"We recently traveled to Arizona, and unlike home, it was SO DRY!  I'm not someone who's into using creams but my skin was so dry.  I used the hotel's products but they just made my skin feel worse - dry, cracked, and flaky.  I met Michele and her amazing product line Made With Love Natural Skin Care and I tried her Revive Sample Kit.  As soon as I put it on I could feel my skin drink it up.  Within 2 days my skin was soft, supple and radiant.  I can't wait to try the full kit."      -Tenille Williams, Australia
"I'm an equestrian & a coach so I'm outside everyday which takes a toll on my skin.    My skin has been so dry and flaky for the longest time.  I've tried everything under the sun and nothing ever worked.  Even the so called natural products.  Until I met Michele and her Made With Love Natural Skin Care products!  From the moment I put them on I felt they were different.  My face felt like it had just crawled out of the desert and into an oasis.  What a difference in a day!  A week later I saw my esthetician.  The moment she put her hands on my face she immediately asked me what I was doing differently because it was the first time my skin didn't feel dry, flaky and rough under her hands.  I'm so happy to find a natural product line that works that is truly handcrafted!  (I visited her production lab in Gardiner, NY). 
-Jenna Knudsen, New York

Feel Gorgeous, Glowing, and Confident With Revive's Graceful Aging Skincare Line!
*Your skin will feel and look soft, supple, & vibrant in 
3 easy steps!

*Friends will comment how you’re glowing and want to know what you’re doing differently!

*You’ll meet your day with a smile on your face, a twinkle in your eye & a pep in your step because you will FINALLY have found products that do what they say they will do AND are chemical & fake fragrance free!

*Go on that first date without worry

*Give that presentation with extreme confidence

*Coworkers will wonder if you had a face lift!

*Your ________ (fill in the blank) will want to caress your face because it looks so inviting!

*Negativity, be gone! (Essential oils uplift moods 
+ emotions on the subtle energy level)

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